Concrete Slab Cutting In Dubai With Coring

Concrete Slab Cutting Using Coring Machine

slab cutting with coring

Are you looking for concrete slab cutting or concrete wall cutting using a coring machine with the best rates? in Dubai, Sharjah, Umm-Al-Quwain and also Ajman. Please call us at 056-1845657. We have coring experts in Dubai, and Sharjah and also have long-term experience. We do core cutting, concrete cutting or concrete wall cutting with 5-inch or 6-inch coring holes.

Concrete Wall Cutting Using Coring Machine


We also provide concrete wall-cutting service using a coring machine. Concrete cutting with a coring machine is the best choice because there is a low cost to do work. We do this work by using many coring machines to complete the job in short work.