Core Cutting & Concrete Coring Services Charges

Core Cutting Services Charges In Dubai

Our services charges are better than the other core cutting companies contractors in Dubai. We also Provide concrete coring and cutting services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and also umm al Quwain At the best price. we know what we have to do and how to do it in the field of Cutting, Wall Cutting, Door Cutting, Saw Cutting at the best price. Our core cutting services charges schedule is given below. Al Khalil is an expert in concrete slab cutting as well as core drilling and offers better charges services in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Largest slab openings for drainage pipes. Concrete Coring holes for service entries. Penetrations for ducts, pipes, and cables.

Core Cutting Holes In Slab Charges

SizeSlab ThicknessPriceArea
2″ – 5″20 – 25cm40 – 50 AEDSharjah & Nearby dubai
2″ – 5″20 – 25cm45- 55 AEDAjman & Umm Al Quwain
2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm50 – 60 AEDDubai
2″ – 5″20 – 25cm55- 70 AEDJabal Ali
6″20 -25cm60 – 70 AEDDubai
8″20 – 25cmplease callplease contact us

Concrete Coring Holes In Side Wall Price

Cutting Hole SizeWall ThicknessPriceArea
5″20 – 25cm40 – 50 AEDSharjah 
5″20 – 25cm40 – 50 AEDDubai

Concrete Slab Cutting With Coring Holes

Cutting Hole SizeSlab ThicknessPriceArea
5″20 – 25cm40 – 45 AEDSharjah
5″20 – 25cm45 – 50 AEDDubai

Note: This pricing table is for normal days.  We  can change these pricing lists  at any time 

So, Please call our company  member to confirm your job rates: 056-1845657

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